Today I flew…Koha Yoga style!

I’ve been going to Yoga quite a lot recently.  Part of it is living in Montezuma.  “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.”  Apart from that it is something I can do with Jen, and my doctor reckons that for heart health I should be practicing yoga twice a week.  I like him, he says I should drink wine every day too.  There’s a bunch of other stuff he tells me I should do, like regular aerobic exercise, but ‘poco a poco’ as they say round here.  Little by little.  Not only is the yoga meant to relieve stress through meditation and physical exertion, but it builds muscle, strength, leading to better bone density blah blah blah…  I suppose the upshot is that I have found something I like to do, and it’s good for me too. 

It used to be that I couldn’t touch my toes with my legs straight.  I can now stand on my hands with my legs straight.  Granted, that’s not the most useful skill in life, but I’m happy.  Today’s challenge, amongst others, was trying to put my right knee over my right shoulder, holding my right foot with my left hand while I put my right hand by my right buttock or something.  All that happened was I got a fit of the giggles and felt like someone had tied me in a knot. 

Anyway, it was a great class at Montezuma Yoga  with Dagmar.  In an outdoor but covered space, looking at the ocean with the sound of the waves.

Just after we finished she introduced a couple who were visiting Montezuma, and wanted to demonstrate their Flying Yoga.  Think of those circus performers where the big one lies on the ground, while he balances and throws the light, skinny, adolescent girl on his hands and feet.  Now picture me as the light, skinny, adolescent girl.

I'm the one on top.

The whole family can get involved.

The pièce de résistance was when, held only by his feet on my hips, I soared like a plane.   Arms out as wings, toes pointed behind.  I’m sure it was beautiful. 

Some will think I’ve lost the plot, but this was really cool.  And it didn’t feel weird.  It didn’t enter my mind that he might drop me.  Or, that here we were, one sweaty man on top of another, as I spun around on the top of his feet, or swung down head first between his legs.  It must have been one of those, ‘right time, right place’ things.  It was fun, and thrilling, and in just a few minutes was quite a work out as I balanced and stretched.  When I was finished it was all I could do to try and walk in a straight line. 

Heads up !  There might be more to follow on this blog entry as I contemplate taking a weekend long class so I can spin Jen, or other family or friends, around on my feet like a circus performer.

2 responses to “Today I flew…Koha Yoga style!

  1. Glad to see you are not falling asleep in Yoga any more.

  2. Pops your not aloud to say that. Some people don’t know he falls asleep in yoga during the relaxing part.

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